The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasion

By Garry Poole

Published by Zondervan


I use this little book constantly to come up with great questions for group studies.I especially like how these 1001 questions are categorized, which makes it much easier to find just the right question for my group.


Most of us realize that raising questions is a powerful way to get interesting dialogue. But asking good ones can be another matter―they’re not always that easy to think up! That’s where The Complete Book of Questions comes in. This book is one big compilation of questions―1001 of them you can use to launch great conversations in almost any context. And many of these questions are likely to trigger other questions you may also wish to discuss. Think of this book as a tool to spark interaction―and to know and understand others, and yourself, better. The questions in The Complete Book of Questions have been divided into ten categories for easy reference as shown in the chart below. There are probably as many ways to put this book to use, as there are questions within it! So be creative. Experiment with these 1001 questions in different contexts―and be sure to make the most of the conversations that ensue!


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