Resources for Ministry Leaders

Resources for Ministry Leaders
Use these resources to train and support leaders, or to plan and lead your ministry.

SGVS - What Our Small Groups Ministry Learned_3D_02What Our Small Groups Ministry Learned from Our Small Group Health Assessment
(FREE PDF download)

In this appendix to Small Group Vital Signs, I provide the background of our church’s small group health assessment, why we conducted it, how we implemented it, and what we learned. I go through each of the seven vital signs and provide exactly what we learned as a church and provide some overall analysis that may apply to other churches as well. I may be biased, but I think this appendix is worth the price of the book.

Free Small Group Health Assessment
Have your leaders use this free assessment tool that I developed for our church before writing Small Group Vital Signs. Clicking the link above takes you to the assessment on the publisher’s website. Your leaders will receive an assessment report via email. Ask them to forward you this report so you (and/or their coaches) can see how your groups are doing and then equip and coach them toward health! (See the Equipping Page to get more information on workshops based on Small Group Vital Signs.)

Discipleship Group Leader Training Course (FREE PDF download)
This leader training course was developed by Keith Groves to train D-Group Leaders at Stones Crossing Christian Church in Greenwood (near Indianapolis), Indiana. A D-Group is “a weekly discipleship group where a spiritually mature (well qualified & trained) group leader invests in the lives of 3 – 9 people with the intention of imparting the Gospel, God’s Word, and one’s life in such a way as to see the group members become mature and fully equipped followers of Jesus, who are committed to doing the same in the lives of others!”

Books for Small Group Ministry Leaders
Looking for help in designing and leading your small group ministry? These are our favorite books for helping you make your ministry healthy, growing, fruit-bearing, and reproducing.

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Coaching Resources in Our Bookstore
These are the best books available on how to coach your leaders well.

Articles Specifically for Small Group Ministry Leaders
Scores of ideas, information, tips, and additional resources for leading a healthy, growing, kingdom-building small group ministry.

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