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Check Michael's Event AvailabilityWhat is the biggest roadblock you face as you seek to equip leaders? What do you most want to achieve in your training of new and veteran leaders? What support and resources do you need?

Kathy Stahlhut
Kathy Stahlhut

Kathy Stahlhut is the director of Small Groups at Greenwood (Indiana) Christian Church, a growing church with a growing small groups ministry. She says,

At Greenwood Christian, we are constantly striving to improve our small group leader training. We know that with good coaching, leaders function at their highest capacity. As directors or ministers of small groups, we can only do so much. For a boost, at least once a year, we try to bring in an expert on the development of small groups. This year, Mike was our guest speaker, and he really challenged our leaders … [Read more from Kathy on how and why she brings in a “small group expert trainer.”]

To date, Michael has helped equip leaders at Greenwood Christian three times. “I’ve gotten to know the leaders and have enjoyed helping them succeed in leading their small groups,” he says. “I love the partnership we’ve developed!”

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Michael provides quality training of leaders through workshops, seminars, and retreats held in churches as well as at regional and national conferences.


World's Greatest Small Group Coffee MugHow to Lead the World’s Greatest Small Group

Your small groups can do what Jesus’ did: Change the world! That’s more than a motto; it’s Michael’s strong belief and passion. This book and the equipping seminar that goes along with it come out of Michael mission to “equip ordinary people to courageously lead extraordinary small groups.” This is a one-day seminar or weekend retreat for hosts, facilitators, new or experienced leaders, leaders-in-training, coaches, directors, and pastors. Based on the book, World’s Greatest Small Group, Michael teaches participants the 7 powerful traits of a life-changing leader—the kind of leader who can lead the world’s greatest small group! Michael utilizes Scripture, story, discussion, multimedia, activities, and small group discussion to renew, refocus, and recharge leaders’ hearts. Michael will work with you to customize these sessions to your leaders’ needs.

How to Lead a Healthy Group

Healthy things naturally grow, produce fruit, and reproduce. This is true for small groups as well. In his ministry Michael has seen a focus on group health produce incredible results. In this hands-on workshop, Michael teaches leaders the 7 vital signs to lead healthy groups. It includes an explanation of the 7 vital signs and a brief assessment session. The other sessions are tailor-made to your church’s or groups’ needs. This workshop is based on Michael’s book, Small Group Vital Signs. We highly suggest that each participant buys this book before or at the workshop.

How to Lead More Effectively with Zero Burnout

You don’t have to stress, worry, or deal with burnout. But so many leaders do, as their leadership responsibilities outnumber their resources. The inevitability of burnout keeps people from stepping up to lead and often causes them to step down from spiritual leadership, or it keeps them from growing and bearing fruit. Michael will teach leaders two simple solutions to this significant issue. This seminar/workshop is based on Michael’s book, The Pocket Guide to Burnout-Free Small Group Leadership.

Overflow Leadership

Michael teaches that leadership = overflow. In this interactive workshop, he uses several dynamic illustrations to show leaders how to transform their conception of leadership from self-centered to God-centered.

Small Group Leader Basic Training

Michael will equip your leaders, new or veteran, how to lead healthy, growing, missional groups. This training is customizable to your church needs. It is especially valuable for churches that have groups but need someone outside the congregation to help equip leaders. Michael can also train other types of group leaders, including leaders of adult Sunday school classes, ABFs, Bible studies, electives, and more.

Churches near the Louisville, Kentucky area may chose to offer this training over several weeks or do a one-day, 2-3 hour event.

*** You may also put Michael on RETAINER, especially after one of these training events to invest into your coaches and leaders on a regular, ongoing basis. Michael will help develop coaches, send emails to leaders, be available via email, his blog page, social networking sites, and other means to continue to help support your small group leadership.

Leading groups conference in Brazil, 2014
Leading groups conference on Avoiding Leader Burnout in Brazil, 2014. Robert Lay translated into Portuguese.


All of these are customizable to your church’s and small group ministry’s needs.

Michael is also available for other customized seminars, conferences, equipping sessions, or consulting on a variety of topics related to small groups ministry, discipleship, Christian education, and spiritual maturity.

Possible Schedules

Saturday Seminar: 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. with a lunch break and morning and afternoon breaks. (Times are negotiable with church.)

Weekend Retreat Format: Add a Friday evening session / “pep talk” / consulting session.

Pricing Information:
What’s most important is that we create a great equipping experience for your leaders. I want to help you help your small group leaders overflow!

To discuss pricing and Michael’s availability for any type of event, please click on the red button, below. You will be contacted soon (usually within 24 hours).

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