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Discipling     Leader's Heart-Overflow

Solitude Before Community

“Why is it so important that solitude come before community? If we do not know we are the beloved sons and daughters of God, we’re going to expect someone in the community to make us feel that way. They cannot.” –Henri Nouwen  I’ve been blogging a short series about our inner life, discipleship, community, and ministry, inspired by Nouwen’s Spring …

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Leader's Heart-Overflow     Training SG Leaders

Revive Refocus Retreat Review

Our Revive Refocus Retreat for Leaders yesterday was powerful. Our prayer team spent months praying for and planning this day and they did a great job leading it. Our numbers were lower than we had hoped for, but it wasn’t about numbers anyway. It was about what God would do when we made ourselves available to Him to work and …

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Curriculum     Ministry Leaders

Resources for Healthy Small Groups

I write and talk a lot about healthy small groups. (To see my blogs on the topic, click here.) To review, the seven hallmarks of a healthy group are: Christ-Centered Healthy, Growing Leader Core Team Goals & Plans Authentic Biblical Community Serving Others Disciple-Making The result or “fruit” of a healthy group is a group that is: Growing, Reaching Out, and …

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Small Group Leaders

No More Leader Burnout

Don’s small group started smoothly and seemed to go well the first several months. Within the first year, Don called me to tell me he was stepping down from group leadership. When I met with him to ask what happened, he told me about his increasingly frantic pace of life and the overwhelming amount of time and energy required to …

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Facilitating Discussion

The “Right Person” to Lead a Small Group

This morning I received an email from a potential leader who stated she does not know if she’s the “right person” to lead a small group. This is a common response to being called to lead. I find the issue basically comes down to one or both of two factors. A person’s confidence level will depend on their personal sense …

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Ministry Leaders     Small Group Leaders

Stop Recruiting!

When you as a leader look around your spheres of influence, you’ll probably notice that the opportunities usually far outweigh your resources. So what do you do? The Best Leader Ever made it simple: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  – Matthew 9:37-38 For …

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Training SG Leaders

Responsibilities, Resources, and Reasons in Small Group Ministry

Where is the bar set for our small group leaders? At Northeast, I’m always looking for unschooled, ordinary people who have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13). The expectations bar is very low in regards to their current knowledge and skills, but it is higher in regards to their heart for Jesus. I’m praying and looking for leaders after God’s own …

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Help Your Group See What God Wants Them to Be

God gives his people a vision of what he wants us to become. This vision has not changed for thousands of years: You know how I brought you to myself and carried you on eagle’s wings. Now if you will obey me and keep my covenant, you will be my own special treasure from among all the nations of the …

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