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Is It Well with YOUR Soul?

As a shepherd leader, you are undoubtedly concerned about those you lead. You care about their souls. You pay attention to their spiritual conditions and want to lead them deeper with God. At least I hope so. Being in a small group is—or should be—good for your soul as well. But I’ve found, through my own experience and from talking …

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Leader's Heart-Overflow

Five Straightforward Steps for Making God’s Word a Daily Part of Your Life

I have been writing about the vitality of God’s Word for leaders, whether you lead a small group, a ministry, a church, a business, a family, or yourself. Yesterday I wrote about my love for God’s Word. Like the writer of Psalm 119, I desire to seek God with all my heart (v. 10). Like most humans, I struggle with …

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gods at war: New Life-Changing DVD-based Small Group Study from City on a Hill

I had the privilege of editing the leader’s guide and “combat journal” for “gods at war,” a new DVD-based study from City On A Hill Productions, narrated by Kyle Idleman. The small group material was written by Ross Brodfuehrer, who did an incredible job developing this curriculum. From the City on a Hill website: In a new twist to the …

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Spiritual Life

Call of Duty for Christ Followers

Today: Proverbs 20  If you are a follower of Christ, war is not an option. You have a real enemy. You have a battle to fight. If you are not fighting now, it’s either because: (a) the enemy does not see you as a threat to him, (b) the battle is waging, but you are either unaware of it (most …

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