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Top 10 Ways to Take Your Small Group Deeper!

Subgroup into smaller groups of 2-4 for deeper sharing during application or prayer. Divide the sexes. Split up the men and women for portions of the study of for prayer and accountability. Meet between meetings. Guys or gals go out to breakfast or lunch together during the week. Get accountable. Ask some tough questions and expect people to share what’s …

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Small Group Leaders

It’s Really Not About Burnout!

Last night during our small group meeting, Chris mentioned that we should bring all the kids up from the basement and, as parents, pray with and over them. After the kids came into the living room, sitting on parent’s laps and on the floor in front of us, Chris glanced over at me. I just nodded at him, and he …

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Small Group Leaders

Healthy Groups Are Intentional

Today I came across a great blog post by DeAntwan Fitts, pastor of Peace Chapel in Los Angeles, titled “Five Stages of a Healthy Small Group.” Great post, and a very necessary part of what I’m discussing here. DeAntwan begins his post, Healthy small groups do not just happen. They are the result of the leader being INTENTIONAL about moving …

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