What Others Are Saying About World’s Greatest Small Group

“Michael’s passion for group life and group leaders is focused, thoughtful, and contagious! Here he invites us to discover the group leadership principles of Jesus…the place every group leader needs to start!”

Bill Donahue, Professor, Leadership Coach, and Best-Selling Author of Leading Life-Changing Small Groups and The Irresistible Community

“Everyone is looking for shortcuts on how to create a thriving small group ministry. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes when building authentic Biblical community. There are, however, trusted guides to take us there. Michael Mack is one of the best, and this book is his roadmap!”

–  Brian Jones, Senior Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Philadelphia Suburbs; Author of Second Guessing God

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“My reactions to reviewing this book were “Inspiring! Convicting! Energizing!” Its frequent application segments reinforced each of the teaching segments. I sense an anointing was given to Michael to pass on to us through these pages.”

Dr. Ralph W. Neighbour, Jr., Founder, TOUCH Outreach Ministries

“I’ve worked on several projects with Michael Mack. Each time it’s obvious to me that God has gifted this man with the ability to deepen believers and enlighten skeptics. If you look up the term ‘small group’ in the dictionary, you’ll probably find Michael’s picture.”

Dave Stone, Pastor, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

“All leaders are learners! Michael helps you discover, develop and deploy the internal God-given gifts, talents, and abilities that are in YOU to bless your small group. Until you get the vertical connection aligned with God, the horizontal connections in your small group won’t make sense. This book will help you and your small group!”

Steve Gladen, Pastor of Small Groups, Saddleback Church; Author, Leading Small Groups with Purpose; Founder of Small Group Network (smallgroupnetwork.com)

“Every year small group pastors ask me, ‘Rick, what book would be the best book for training my small group leaders?’ You’re holding it in your hand right now!”

Rick Howerton, Regional Consultant, South Central Region, Kentucky Baptist Convention

“In World’s Greatest Small Group, Michael Mack focuses on some of the most important aspects of small-group leadership: the internal qualities of the leader. While there are tons of important resources to help teach the skills of leading groups, research has shown that the most important determiner of healthy group life is a healthy leader, and Mack’s tips help leaders improve in that area. Readers are guided to reflect on their leadership, including their own self-leadership. Looking to Jesus as the ultimate small-group leader, Mack encourages leaders to embrace their important calling.”

–  Amy Jackson, Managing Editor of SmallGroups.com

“For a long time Michael Mack has been a leading voice in small group ministry. Once again he proves why this is the case with World’s Greatest Small Group! Practical, simple and Biblical; it’s all here.”

Alan Danielson, Ministry Consultant, Triple Threat Solutions (3threat.net)

“Michael Mack has for years helped relational group ministry to produce effective leaders and people loving believers.  In World’s Greatest Small Group he does it again!  A great read!”

Jon Weiner, Community Pastor, Southeast Christian Church

“Leading a small group can pull you in multiple directions to the extent that you can start to feel a little lost. In this book, Michael Mack will restore your sanity by showing you how to lead your group with Jesus at the center of it. I highly recommend World’s Greatest Small Group to anybody leading a small group or leading leaders of small groups.”

Andrew S. Mason, Founder of SmallGroupChurches.com

“Many small group leaders are mistakenly looking for the next great curriculum to transform the spiritual walk of those in their group. But the truth is, curriculum isn’t the secret sauce, the leader is. What the church needs today is not better curriculum but better leaders. I am so excited about the release of World’s Greatest Small Group. Michael Mack is a practitioner that speaks the language of the everyday small group leader. His content is rich, practical, and will lift the leadership level of every small group leader who gets their hands on this book.”

Mac Lake, Visionary Architect for The Launch Network, a church planting network based out of Atlanta, GA.; www.maclakeonline.com

“What a great resource Michael has given the Church! No matter the size, age, or type of group you lead, Michael skillfully walks you through the highs, lows, ins, and outs of leading a group toward health. Get this book!”

Ben Reed, Small Groups Pastor, Saddleback Church

“As always Mike’s Christ-Centered approach to thinking about groups permeates this book.  This is a very helpful read about leadership and gives me ideas I am able to implement in my existing system.”

David Flug, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Johnson (IA) Evangelical Free Church

“Michael Mack is one of the nation’s leading small group voices and someone who has greatly impacted me and my small group ministry! Michael’s work is always practical, insightful, and thought provoking! The ‘7 Powerful Traits’ that Michael unlocks in this book are exactly what every pastor and small group point person need to truly be a ‘Life Changing Leader!’”

Derek Olson, Communications Director at Small Group Network (www.SmallGroupNetwork.com)

“I’ve been watching Michael Mack help small group ministry leaders (and their leaders) for more than thirty years now. What I love about this new book is that it brings together all of the wisdom he’s gained with experience. These are not sociological theories about small groups or just the latest fad in groups—these are time-tested ideas that are sound advice for anyone leading a group. I’m planning to purchase a copy for all of my leaders.”

Rick Lowry, Spiritual Growth Pastor, 1st Church of Christ, Burlington, KY

“The influence of a God-centered small group leader cannot be overstated. Even Jesus personally invested in only a handful of men and women. We should do the same. One thing I love about this book—it dives beneath the tactics and digs into the heart of the leader. Michael Mack is a perfect guy to help us explore this territory, since he personifies true servanthood. His passion for small groups comes through powerfully in this practical and relevant book.”

Kent Evans, Executive Director, Manhood Journey (www.manhoodjourney.org)

“Practical, readable advice for any current or would-be small group leader. Read this book for yourself. Provide this book for everyone in your church who is or should be leading a small group!”

Mark Taylor, Publisher, Christian Standard and The Lookout

“Mike is great at making complicated things simple, and this book is the latest example. We’re supposed to follow Jesus in everything we do; why wouldn’t we look at his group of disciples to see what we should be doing?”

Micah Odor, Groups Guy, Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH

“Michael Mack knows the ins and outs of groups from every angle. This book is not about the nuts and bolts of small group ministry. It is about the heart of the leader. Skills and strategies can be learned but only God can cultivate a heart. Drawing from Scripture, Michael points the way to draw near to God and become the leader he wants people to be.”

Allen White, author, Exponential Groups, www.allenwhite.org

“Michael Mack is a voice I always turn to when looking for books to help grow my leaders. Few write and understand small group leaders like him. This book will inspire both new and  seasoned group leaders to grow and develop in to the leaders God has called them to be. I can’t wait for my leaders to dive into this book.”

Nick Lenzi, Groups Director at Hoboken (NJ) Grace Community Church