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By Andrew Mason, Small Groups Pastor of Real Life Church, on “From more than 25-years of experience in small group ministry as a church leader, writer, and trainer, Michael C. Mack has discovered what makes small groups great. In his new book, World’s Greatest Small Group, the author makes the bold claim that ordinary people can courageously lead extraordinary groups…” READ MORE


Carolyn Taketa interviewed Michael about “Emerging Trends in Small Group Ministry” for this Small Group Network podcast. At the end, Carolyn asks several questions about the book. Go HERE to get the podcast.

Amazon Reviews

This is an excellent book to put in the hands of small group …

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“This is an excellent book to put in the hands of small group leaders. It’s dynamic, interactive, and easy to read. I have already posted this book as “recommended reading” on my own website, and have asked the various pastors I’m coaching to read it.” -Joel Comiskey

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“What a great resource Mike has given the Church! No matter the size, age, or type of church you lead, Mike skillfully walks you through the highs, lows, ins and outs of leading a group towards health. Get this book!” -Ben Reed

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